Cheap Sheep at the Kansas State Fair – Dreams of Wichita Mattresses

Hey all my buddies and pals! It’s your best buddy in the entire world — Cheap Sheep. The 2014 Kansas State Fair was fun but absolutely exhausting. Let’s just say this little lamb got pretty tuckered out from all the festivities! I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep. Everyone kept interrupting my naps…

Every year, The Mattress Hub sponsors the exotic petting zoo. There were some weird Goats, a Giant Turtle named Mr. Cecile, a Llama, and even a Giraffe. None of them would let me pet them, so I decided to check out the rest of the fair.

There was so much to see, but I was dreaming of my luxury mattresses in Wichita. I was able to grab a few winks in a little corner, but I was rudely woken up by the fair’s arm wrestling competition. I shouted at them to “keep it down you knuckleheads!” But I guess they didn’t like it that much. They made me arm wrestle Oscar the Robot and I was immediately pinned.

I must have still been a little sleepy, because I wandered into the livestock show with some other sheep. I came in second place to a really cute she-sheep, and we decided to get some corn dogs and waffle cones. Then we got all snuggly at the “Ye Old Mill” ride that was both fun and scary. She had to leave afterwards, but we exchanged numbers and scheduled another date!

I was still pretty sleepy, so I took another nap and dreamed of my mattresses in Wichita.

The noisy guys from the Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pull woke me up again though. That’s when things got a little crazy. In my sleep deprived state, I stumbled into the Mutton Bustin’ Rodeo where yours truly was “busted” by some very small human children. Then I landed in the Sheep Shearing Demonstration. Enough was enough! I finally made it back to my luxury mattresses in Wichita for a much needed rest. I’m sure glad the Kansas State Fair is only once a year!

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