Choosing the Right Bed Sheets for Better Sleep

We all know that finding the right luxury mattress and pillow can turn bedtime into a sweet symphony of quality Zzz’s. Cheap Sheep has also taught us a lot of great sleeping tips that keep us from turning into a “Grumpy Gus” in the morning. If you’re still tossing and turning at night, then it’s highly possible that you’re not using the right bed sheets.

The right bed sheets can elevate your bedtime to new levels of ama-zzz-ing sleep!

The Right Material
Bed sheets made of synthetic fabrics sleep “hot” because they trap body heat. This can make your bed feel like a toaster, and turn you into a giant pop-tart. Nobody needs that! However, sheets made of Egyptian or prima cotton are not only softer — they also give you room to breath! Cotton bed sheets keep you cool, and are especially recommended for sleepers who suffer from hot flashes or night sweats.

New Sheets?
It’s tempting to take your sheets from the package, and put them directly onto your mattress. Stop! You need to slow down and rethink your situation. The packaging from the store can fill your new sheets with chemical irritants that can be “itchy” and “uncomfortable.” Wash your new bed sheets at least twice before using.

Regularly Wash Your Sheets
Grimy, sweaty, oily, dirty sheets? Gross! Uncomfortable, dirty bed sheets can make it pretty tough to catch quality Zzz’s. Wash your sheets every 7 to 10 days, and make your bed feel fresh and “meadowy.”

Seasonal Bedding
You don’t want to use the same weight of bed sheet in the summer and winter. Plan accordingly for the season so you don’t sleep too hot or cold.

Out with the Old
What’s that, Cheap Sheep? Everyone should replace their sheets every 18 to 24 months? It’s because after so much washing and use that the fabric loses its look and feel? Okay, we’ll tell them…

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