Tips for Teens to Get Better Sleep

Since Cheap Sheep is the biggest “teen idol” this side of Taylor Swift (really, CS?), he knows a thing or two about his legions of fans. It turns out that teenagers just aren’t getting enough quality Zzz’s! Sleep studies show that teens have a difficulty feeling “sleepy” at night, and experience excessive drowsiness during the day. That’s a real bummer, boys and girls. What the heck is the deal?

Teenagers have problems getting better sleep due to their age, schedules, and sleep habits.

That Wacky Biological Clock…
It’s not always a teenager’s fault that he or she has sleepless nights. Due to puberty and other biological factors, the circadian rhythms of teenagers keep them alert at night when they should be feeling sleepy. Teens feel more sleepy during the mid-afternoon until 9 or 10 p.m. when they suddenly feel wide awake again.

“Time to Get Up Already?”
Their topsy-turvy biological clock combined with the early rise for school also doesn’t help. Getting up early, classes, sports practice, extracurricular activities, homework, spending time with friends, and going to bed late all contribute to severe sleep deprivation. This constant state of exhaustion can cause poor grades, low self-esteem, depression, stress, and withdrawal from friends and activities.

Memory and Learning
Studies show that quality sleep plays a large role in learning and memory. We continue to process the information we learn during the day even after we drift off to sleep. Not sleeping well after homework or studying often results in difficulty retaining the information. This is why getting better sleep is crucial to a teenager’s success in high school and college.

Better Sleep Habits
Since teenagers face an uphill battle in catching Zzz’s, they need to do everything possible to improve their sleep habits. Set a bedtime for 10 p.m. every night and stick to it. Avoid sleeping past noon on the weekends so you don’t confuse your body. Shut down all electronic devices an hour before bed, dim the lights, turn off music, and create a “sleepy environment.”

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