Employee Spotlight: Justin Callison

Cheap Sheep would like to introduce everyone to the newest member of The Mattress Hub’s elite Master Class, Justin Callison! The Master Class Award is a sales goal only 6 people have ever achieved, which requires not only exceptional sales numbers but also a perfect customer service record. We’re pretty impressed with Justin and want everyone else to get to know him a little better!

Take a Second and Get to Know Justin Callison

Justin Callison is an all-star sales representative at our 21st & Maize location in Wichita, KS. He’s only been in the main store full-time since November, which makes his entrance into the Master Class even more impressive. Before that, Justin was on the road 10 months a year at trade shows interacting with all our mattress manufacturers. With everything he learned out in the field, we thought it might be a good idea to bring a smart guy like Justin into the main store! Justin likes the stability of being locked into one location, and the personable work environment where “you’re more than just another number.” He also likes the unique way The Mattress Hub does business. “The Mattress Hub differentiates itself from others in the industry by the way we educate consumers,” says Justin. “We have a full-service approach to the business that creates a friendly and helpful atmosphere.”

He may be an extremely talented guy, but Justin’s also pretty humble about achieving Master Class status. He’s definitely proud of the accomplishment and the amount of business he’s written. Justin says he tracks each sale from beginning to end, and likes helping customers in every step of the process. He also answers any and all questions they may have about their new mattresses. However, there’s one thing Justin hasn’t done at The Mattress Hub — he’s never met Cheap Sheep! What’s the deal, Cheap Sheep? “I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang-out with Cheap Sheep?” says Justin. What does Justin have to do to get some attention from you, Cheap Sheep? Let’s make this happen! Everyone else can call Justin Callison at The Mattress Hub for a specialty sleep consultation and find out why he’s such a valuable member of our team!

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