Serta Perfect Sleeper Wildwood Plush Mattress

Don’t be too alarmed, but there are sinister forces at work preventing millions from getting the quality sleep they deserve. Leaders of the “sleep revolution” have identified these disruptive agents as the “Fearsome Five”: Tossing & Turning, Lack of Support, Sleeping too Hot or too Cold, Partner Disturbance, and Mattress Sag/Roll-Off. All five have done their best to turn perfectly happy, healthy people into sleep-deprived zombies. However, thanks to the powerful union of Serta and the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), the sleep revolution is fighting back with the creation of an ultimate weapon — the Serta Perfect Sleeper Wildwood Plush Mattress!

Beat the Fearsome Five With the Advanced Serta Perfect Sleeper Wildwood Plush Mattress

The Perfect Sleeper Wildwood Plush model features the very best in sleep technology to help battle the forces of evil, while helping restore the quality of your Zzzz’s. The Serta® Comfort XD™ Foam offers pressure relieving comfort with an extra-deep layer of soft support that cradles the body at the sleep surface. To balance sleeping temperature, the Cool Twist™ Gel Memory Foam moves heat away from the body, leaving you feeling cool with gel-enhanced memory foam. For durability, the Wildwood Plush employs the state-of-the-art, twice-tempered steel of the 814 DuoSence® IWC Innerspring with Custom Support®. Experiencing mattress roll-off or sag? The Comfort Last® Construction with Total Edge® Foam Encasement gives you the support you need regardless of sleeping position or body type.

As you can see with all this “hi-tech” talk, Serta and the NSF aren’t pulling any punches in the fight against the Fearsome Five. The Serta Perfect Sleeper Wildwood Plush Mattress has got them on the ropes ready for a knockout! The Mattress Hub is the home of the Serta Perfect Sleeper Wildwood Plush Mattress and offers a full selection of Serta Perfect Sleepers, the only official mattress of the NSF. Contact Cheap Sheep and the sleep experts at the Mattress Hub today, and let the Serta Wildwood Plush get your sleep schedule back on track!

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