Finding the Perfect Mattresses for Your Holiday Guests

The holiday season is upon us and Cheap Sheep is stressing out! Our little lamb has invited his entire family from the Bo Peep Sheep Ranch to stay with him during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s not that Cheap Sheep’s mansion is short on rooms or space. He just doesn’t have enough luxury mattresses to fit the specific needs of his many unique guests (he comes from a large family).

Luckily The Mattress Hub has mattresses of all sizes, price ranges, and comfort levels!

Cheap Sheep’s parents are the first to arrive. Papa is not a sound sleeper. His tossing and turning keeps Mama awake at night, so they’re both pretty grumpy when they wake up. They could use a TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze mattress, which provides even body support to battle partner disturbance. It even has soothing TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling abilities, so Papa can sleep soundly at night. Mama also likes the cradling extra-soft comfort, which makes her feel rejuvenated in the morning.

The next guest to arrive is Cheap Sheep’s cousin Augustus. Ol’ Gus is a little dusty from his long trip and needs a place to crash. For this unannounced guest, Cheap Sheep needs to find a quality mattress fast and at a good price. That’s why he turned to the Fox Creek Plush from Five Star. This economically priced mattress offers the support and comfort Gus needs to get a good night’s sleep (maybe he’ll even be rested enough to hit the road early the next morning).

Another knock on the door and it’s the cantankerous ram, Grand Papa Sheep. Since he’s as passionate about sleep as Cheap Sheep, he gets a BeautyRest World Class Callaway Super Pillowtop by Simmons. Grand Papa is in for a world of cloud-soft dreams thanks to comforting pressure point relief. The Callaway also cools things down with AirCool® Memory Foam. Grand Papa is in a better mood already!

Cheap Sheep has 3 mattresses down and only 150 left to go (he better get shopping). Visit The Mattress Hub to find a wide selection of luxury mattresses for your holiday guests today!

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