Get Hi-Tech with the Serta Motion Custom Mattress Base

Cheap Sheep’s bedtime routine was starting to get boring. As hard as it is to believe, our little lamb just wasn’t feeling as excited about sleep as he used to. In order to reignite Cheap Sheep’s sleep mojo, the sleep scientists put their heads together to create the greatest invention to ever hit dreamland — the Custom Mattress Base from the Serta® Motion Collection™! Of all the adjustable foundations from Serta, the Motion Custom Mattress Base is the most advanced with 9 luxurious features!

Thanks to the Motion Custom Mattress Base, Cheap Sheep is getting a “customized comfort experience” that reenergizes his lust for life. This adjustable foundation allows sleepers to situate themselves in a wide variety of positions to maximize productivity and comfort. With a flip of the switch, Cheap Sheep is able to re-position his luxury mattress so he can conveniently watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. He can also sit up comfortably to read a bedtime story, check emails on his laptop, or draw beautiful pictures of majestic falcons in his sketch book. There’s even Bluetooth® connectivity, and USB ports to charge his electronic devices. Do you want music to lull yourself to sleep? Well, this mattress base even has a high-quality wireless speaker system!

The Serta Motion Custom Mattress Base Gives Sleepers the Best in Luxury Comfort

If Cheap Sheep didn’t feel pampered enough, the Motion Custom Mattress Base even gives massages. We’ll say that again — it will give you a MASSAGE! There are 6 massage options at various levels of intensity that can help you unwind after a stressful day. Is this little lamb pampered or what? Best of all, the Motion Custom Mattress Base optimizes comfort and support by allowing sleepers to find the perfect sleep position. You can elevate your head and feet to improve circulation, and alleviate the pressure in your lower back. It can also help people who snore find relief by opening airways with a simple head adjustment!

Cheap Sheep is feeling more rejuvenated than ever and is back to loving bedtime again! Visit The Mattress Hub and take the Motion Custom Mattress Base for a test run today!

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  1. Longevity
    Double sided mattresses prolong the life of your investment.  A mattress with a 10 year expected longevity is now DOUBLED to 20 years.
  2. More Bang For Your Buck
    Bouncing off of longevity, double sided mattresses save you money in the long run by not having to invest in a new mattress every 5-10 years due to breakdown issues. (i.e. more bang for you buck!)
  3. Comfortable Weight Distribution
    Double sided mattresses have comfort layers on both sides of the mattress allowing for even distribution of your body weight across the sleep surface. While most single sided mattresses have thicker, padded layers on the top, double sided mattresses have even distributions of comfort layers on each side of the mattress.
  4. Increased Comfort
    When you flip your double sided mattress after using it for a year, you get the feeling of a brand new mattress with the new side. All the while, the side of the bed that you slept on before gets aququete time to recover its shape for continued use next time you flip it!
  5. Quality Materials
    The TMH Exclusive double sided mattress collection is manufactured in Haven, Kansas where our leadership team has hand selected materials, manufacturing staff, and location to ensure quality craftsmanship on every mattress.
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