Get Luxurious with the Serta Bartel Super Pillowtop Mattress

Cheap Sheep has been in an amazing mood at The Mattress Hub lately, and it’s all because of Donald Trump. Say WHAT??? Well, they’re not “haircut” buddies and Cheap Sheep isn’t a contestant on the Celebrity Apprentice (yet). It’s much more serious than that. Trump has recently brought his “classy” and “luxurious” skills to the world of luxury mattresses! With a lot of help from the sleep geniuses at Serta, he has invented the Bartel Super Pillowtop Mattress for the Trump Home™ iSeries®.

As the “Don” himself might say: “This is a classy and luxurious mattress that I feel Cheap Sheep is really, really going to enjoy. We’re really excited about it. I think it’s going to be really good for us. Sweet dreams everybody.”

Aw thanks, Donald! (See how sweet he can be?) Cheap Sheep does indeed love the Bartel Super Pillowtop Mattress. It has some of the most “classy” and “luxurious” features that Serta is famous for! With an immaculate combination of support and softness, the Bartel Super Pillowtop Mattress gives sleepers everywhere the best of both worlds. It cradles you at the sleep surface, while giving you correct postural support throughout the night.

The Bartel Super Pillowtop Mattress offers targeted pressure point relief to reduce aches and pains

Are you experiencing “tossing and turning”? Not with Donald Trump’s luxury mattress you won’t! The individually wrapped Coil-in-Coil support system senses where each sleeper needs support or comfort and gives them exactly what they need. There are no more aches, pains, tossing, turning, or sleepless nights. Do you sleep too hot at night? The Bartel Super Pillowtop uses cooling memory foam gel to keep sleepers refreshed and cool while they sleep. How much more luxurious or classy can you get?

We’re sure you’ll love what the Serta sleep scientists (and Donald Trump) have cooked up! Cheap Sheep loves the mattress so much that he’s actually taking another nap already. Visit Cheap Sheep at The Mattress Hub today and take the Bartel Super Pillowtop Mattress for a test drive!

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