How to Sleep Better and Maximize Your Zzz’s!

Cheap Sheep has been a wreck around the office lately. He’s groggy, lacking energy and can barely speak without mumbling or stuttering. He also looks like he was hit with a freight train. The truth is that Cheap Sheep hasn’t been getting enough quality sleep, and it’s been affecting him mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s a problem that not only affects sheep, but almost 70 million adults in the United States. Everyone wants to find out how to sleep better at night. So what are some things Cheap Sheep and others can do to get back on track?

The first thing Cheap Sheep needs to do is turn off his screens before bedtime. No more checking your email, or posting on Facebook and Twitter during your pre-bedtime routine. Turn off your phone too. Unless it’s an emergency, the text from your sweetheart can wait (I know she’s persistent Cheap Sheep, but you need your rest!). Turn down the lights, music, TV, computers, and ipad an hour before you go to bed. None of those bright screens are helping you get sleepy. Also position your clock so the bright screen isn’t distracting you, or making you constantly check the time.

Leg pillows or back pillows also help you sleep in a better position, so your body has better support and alignment throughout the night. Choosing a pillow for your neck and head that isn’t too bulky or uncomfortable can also make a world of difference. Your bed is for sleeping. This means there is no jumping on the bed, watching TV, talking on the phone, balancing your checkbook, or reading. Your puppy or kitty may be adorable, but sleeping with you is a big fat, “No!” Cutting back on caffeine and chocolate during the day is another way to sleep better at night. You also shouldn’t exercise too close to bedtime. The number one way to sleep better, however, is having the perfect mattress that offers support and softness!

For more information on how to sleep better, call the experts at the Mattress Hub so we can find the perfect mattress to improve your sleep health!

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