The New Serta iComfort iSeries Mattress TV Spots!

So you just told your special lady friend that you mortgaged your future for an Alpaca Farm and she didn’t even get mad? Then you told her you became a professional laboratory test animal, and she answered both strange bits of news with, “I’m comfortable with that”? It sounds like she’s either in a chocolate coma, or day-dreaming about that guy from that movie you took her to see last Saturday night. Actually she’s just unbelievably comfortable lounging like Cleopatra on a Serta iComfort® iSeries mattress. According to Serta’s highly creative new TV spots, Serta mattresses are so comfortable that it makes you “comfortable with anything.” Check it out for yourself!

Apparently breaking bad news to someone while they lay down on a Serta iComfort® iSeries mattress gets you this super chilled-out response. Is it really true, or is it just “advertising magic”? Let’s test it on Cheap Sheep!

Hey Cheap Sheep! We’re replacing you as our mascot with a hedgehog man who rides through the forest on a giant rooster. Are you cool with that? You’re “comfortable with that.” Well if you are, then I guess we’re comfortable with that too. Hey Cheap Sheep! You know that little lamb you have a major crush on? We’re telling her that you’re super crazy about her. Should we text her or just show her your diary? Oh, you’re “comfortable” with either option? We’ll get right on it! Unfortunately for Cheap Sheep, it looks like the ads are true…

While you may not want to be so comfortable that you’re “comfortable with anything,” the Mattress Hub has the Serta iComfort® sleep system iSeries mattress ready to make your life that much more comfortable and relaxed! The “Elevate and Save” Serta sale beings on June 25th for a limited time while supplies last! So make sure you grab onto a Serta iComfort® iSeries mattress with its advanced memory foam support with cooling dual action gel. Are you “comfortable with that”? Come visit our new hedgehog man mascot at the Mattress Hub, and find the Serta iComfort® iSeries mattress that sends you off to dreamland!

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