Serta iComfort Savant EverFeel Plush

There are certain comforts in life that we never outgrow. One such luxury is that of being cradled like a sleepy baby by a soft, supportive mattress (And no, there’s nothing wrong with that). In fact, The Mattress Hub and the leaders of the sleep revolution want everyone to know that “sleeping like a baby” isn’t just for babies anymore. It’s for anyone who values quality, restful sleep that gets us through the night. Once upon a time, the sleep scientists at Serta concocted their most fearless invention called the iComfort® Savant® EverFeel Plush mattress! It has since become the most popular iComfort® model on the planet!

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So what makes the iComfort Savant EverFeel Plush the ultimate dream-catching, Zzz inducing, sleep machine? It’s the almost inconceivable combination of unmatched plush comfort and pressure point relief that gives sleepers the best of both worlds. The memory foam of the Savant® EverFeel immediately cradles the body from the first sleep onward. This is hi-tech “pre-memory” memory foam that knows exactly how to support the contours of your body even before you’ve had a chance to break in that bad boy. The Savant® EverFeel starts conforming to your unique shape and size, and cradles you at the sleep surface with Cool Action™ Dual Effects® Gel Memory Foam.

Tossing and turning, restless nights, neck and back pain….the Serta sleep scientists have those sleep bandits running for the hills. The Dual Effects® Gel is the same high performance gel used in athletic equipment. It not only reduces pressure points for a deeper sleep, but also uses MicroCool gel beads and advanced phase-change materials that cool things down. As a result, the Savant® EverFeel Plush is literally the “coolest” of all the memory foam mattresses in existence. Your back is also correctly aligned and supported exactly as it should be with the ComfortLast Foam Core and Coil Gauge. If it wasn’t 100% clear by now, the Serta sleep scientists completely changed the way America sleeps. They’re hard at work on their next creation, but until then check out the iComfort® Savant® EverFeel Plush at the Mattress Hub and see for yourself!


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