Becoming A Morning Person Isn’t As Hard As You Think

There are plenty of excuses – I worked late, stayed up watching Netflix, and just couldn’t fall asleep after staring at my Retina display for five hours. We know the routine. But wouldn’t it feel great to wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the world while everyone else is frantically searching for their phones to hit snooze? Everyone could use a few extra hours a day. Becoming a morning person is actually pretty simple: get ready for bed, sleep well and wake up with a purpose.

It All Starts Before Bed

Shut down everything that glows at least 60 minutes before hitting the hay – read a book, catch up with your spouse or just stare at the wall, as long as it isn’t a screen. This will allow your brain to release the melatonin your body needs to sleep properly. Screens are unnatural and mess with our internal clock. The goal here is to get your clock ticking like it was intended. These simple step can work wonders when your phone lights up at 5:30 a.m. Consistency is key.

Sleep Well

You’ve heard it before – you spend a third of your life in bed, so get the best, most comfortable mattress possible. If you’re tired of hearing it, it’s probably time to give it a try. A new mattress can relieve stress and allergies, put an end to tossing and turning, and help you wake up feeling incredible – something many of us probably haven’t felt in awhile.

Look Forward to Waking Up

Focus on waking up with a purpose and positive attitude. Find something you like to do in the morning and build that into your routine. A good method to get your body and mind going is exercise. As strange as it sounds, you’ll start to look forward to waking up and breaking a sweat.

Sometimes it seems like becoming a morning person is far-fetched. But it’s really as simple as being consistent and having a purpose – you’ll notice a difference from day one.

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