Workouts that Help with Better Sleep

Are you feeling groggy, sleepy, and irritated during the day? Do you having problems falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night? Are you also a couch potato who doesn’t get any exercise whatsoever in your daily routine? Do you see where this is going? It’s a fact that those who participate in a regular exercise regimen will get better sleep. Just look at Cheap Sheep. He may not be “Superman,” but when it comes to exercise…well, he tries REALLY hard. He also happens to be a world-class sleeper, and that’s partly because of his time at the gym.

The type of exercise and the time of day you do it can help with getting better sleep!

What Type of Exercise?
No matter what sleep disorders keep you up at night, you can be sure that exercise will significantly improve your quality of sleep. What type of exercise gives you better sleep? Well, that depends on YOU! There is no scientific evidence that says one type of exercise gives us better Zzz’s than another. You should choose an exercise that is safe for your body type and injury history. It should also be fun! Take up yoga, jogging, cycling, swimming, basketball, rock climbing, hiking, aerobics, weight lifting, or any other physical activity that gets your blood flowing. No matter what exercise you choose, you’ll be ready for some seriously high-quality sleep when bedtime rolls around.

What Time of Day?
The time of day you exercise can also affect your Zzz’s in different ways. Studies have shown that exercising in the morning makes us fall asleep faster at night. Do you have problems staying asleep? It’s also been documented that exercise in the afternoon or evening helps us sleep more soundly at night. However, too much exercise right before bed can keep you awake, so it’s important not to wait too late!

For more information on getting better sleep, come watch Cheap Sheep (try to) do pushups at The Mattress Hub!

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