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Melt into a deep sleep with Sleep Well Aroma Therapy Soy Wax Melts

Sleep Well clean and relaxing aromatherapy soy wax melts are specially hand-poured for The Mattress Hub by Kansas Earth & Sky. These calming farmhouse scents are unique to the Kansas prairie, and make these wax melts thoughtful gifts, and perfect for self-care.

These melts are a Kansas take on a classic Lavender candle.  With a fragrance reminiscent of a sunny day spent at the local lavender farm watching bees float effortlessly from plant to plant, this uplifting Spring fragrance will fill your home with pure happiness.  Composed of natural ingredients from Kansas, these wax melts are a blend of botanical lavender buds, raw Kansas honey, wild prairie land florals, and a hint of vanilla.

Regular wax melts use paraffin—a byproduct of petroleum—and when burned, the toxins from the paraffin and the Phthalate scented oils are released into the air you breathe which can cause nausea, dizziness and even migraines. These kinds of wax melts can cause the opposite reaction you’re looking for in aromatherapy.

Kansas Earth and Sky Candle Co. makes only the best soy wax melts and are made right here in Kansas.  They use only high-quality natural soy wax made from U.S. grown soy beans.  Soy wax is clean burning, it burns longer, and benefits Midwest farmers.  The special blend of Phthalate-free fragrances, renewable recycled packaging, and clean burning soy wax will bring a relaxing and clear atmosphere to your space.

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