Scents That Help Us Get Better Sleep

Hello again, oh pals of mine! It’s your best buddy in the entire world, Cheap Sheep. I’ve been spending my nights in dreamtime bliss, and my days thinking of ways to help us all get better sleep. Finding the right luxury mattress, pillow, and comfy sheets is an absolute must for anyone looking to maximize quality Zzz’s. It’s also important to practice good sleeping tips like turning off all screens before bedtime, keeping your room cool and dark, and cutting back on foods that keep us awake. Would you believe that certain aromas also help us get sleepy?

There are several smells that help us wake up in the morning and those that help us get better sleep!

“Sweet Dreams!”

When you want to wake up fully energized and refreshed, just get a nose full of lavender! It helps us fall asleep faster and gives us better quality of sleep at night. Lavender is especially helpful to younger sleepers, women, and people with mild insomnia. This is why lavender is commonly used in aroma therapy as a sedative for sleepers of all ages.

Valerian Root
Ever since the days of ancient Rome, Valerian roots have been used to cut down on anxiety and increase your Zzz’s. You can bet that even Julius Caesar made Valerian root a part of his bedtime routine in his attempt to get better sleep.


“Wake Up!”

If you woke up feeling sleepy and you’re out of coffee, then you might want to turn to peppermint! The smell of peppermint has been shown to perk us up and make us feel less sleepy. So avoid crunching on candy canes while waiting for Santa Claus. It’s better to leave that minty freshness for the morning as a pick-me-up!

When you’re out of coffee and candy canes, what should you do? Turn your nostrils to the citrusy thrill of lemons! The smell of lemon is a wake-up call that makes us more alert in the morning. Keep a bag of lemony goodness in the kitchen and breath deep to get rid of the “sleepies.”

For more information on getting better sleep, come visit me at The Mattress Hub! Until next time, sweet dreams everybody!

Your Pal,
Cheap Sheep

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