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Summer is such a fun time. You have family vacations, 4th of July celebrations, BBQs, pool parties, weekends at the lake, late nights, and no sleep schedule at all, especially for the kids that are out of school. So, how do you say goodbye to the late-night Netflix binges and 2 AM gaming sessions so you and your kids can get a good night’s sleep? Don’t worry, we have your how-to-guide on getting back into your school-time sleep schedule so you can transition from a night owl into an early bird!

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your sleep schedule won’t be either.

While your sleep schedule (if you can call it a schedule) is crazy over the summer, you don’t have to jump right back into your normal schedule. Finding the right sleep pattern for school can be more difficult than solving an algebra problem. Start by setting a consistent bedtime that will give you a solid 7+ hours of sleep, and yes, this includes weekends. When someone is training for a marathon, they don’t just go out and run 13 miles, they start small and gradually build their stamina up to where they need. So, you’re basically training for a sleep marathon. Gradually move your bedtime earlier each night until you’re in sync with your school schedule.

  1. Breaking up is hard to do, but you’ve got to break up with nighttime distractions.

You’ve done a great job being consistent in getting your bedtime routine set up for the school year. And then it happens…Notifications. You’ll just check it once right? But that notification pulls you into the digital abyss and before you know it you’ve been scrolling for hours and you’ve missed out on prime sleep. Set your phone to do not disturb when you are going to hit the bed so your notifications will leave you alone until the morning.

  1. Good morning sunshine!

When you go to bed at night you probably close your curtains and make your bedroom nice and dark so you can stay in dreamland as long as possible. However, when you wake up in the morning, pull back those curtains and let the sunshine in. Getting sun first thing in the morning will help your body know it’s time to get up and going. This also helps regulate your internal clock. No, you don’t need to swing your window open and sing to all of the woodland creatures as they do in the movies, but letting the sunshine in is a great way to start the day.

  1. Turn your bedroom into an oasis.

Your bedroom should give you the feeling of peace and tranquility when you’re ready for bed. Using soothing colors, and some twinkle lights for ambiance can help you fall asleep at night. It’s also important to keep your room clutter-free. This will make your room more inviting and relaxing. If your room is full of clutter, you can find fun and creative ways to store and display your things. This will help turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

  1. The most important part? Your mattress!

Is your mattress lumpy, old, and not supportive? Then you won’t get the sleep you deserve! Having a mattress that will support you and your sleep style is critical to the quality of sleep you get. If you need a new mattress The Mattress Hub is here to help. When you’re in the store you can test out different mattresses to find the one that works best for you. It’s like when Harry Potter was picking out his wand, but this will be a little less destructive. Once you’ve found your perfect mattress we’ll deliver it to you and haul off your old mattress, for FREE! What’s better than that?

  1. Bonus- Don’t forget the sheets and pillow!

Your mattress, pillow, and sheets are the three musketeers. They all work together to provide you with uninterrupted sleep and have you feeling well-rested when you wake up! Your pillow will help support your neck and shoulders depending on your sleep position, and your sheets can help keep you cool while you sleep. 

And there you have it fellow sleep enthusiasts! The Mattress Hub’s guide to getting back on a good post-summer sleep schedule. Yes, getting back on track to a good night’s sleep can be difficult, but with a little determination, the right mattress, and a sleep sanctuary, you’ll be there in no time! Remember, the key to sleeping well isn’t just a consistent schedule, it’s also having the right mattress, sheets, and pillow to help you snuggle up and embark on your dream adventures. 

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