Sounds that Help You Fall Asleep

Noise typically isn’t the best thing to help you fall asleep – construction, cars, noisy neighbors – not good for sleep. But, there are sounds that can actually make sleep easier. The good new is, there’s always a way to make sleep better. The bad news, most of these sounds aren’t normally found in Kansas – or your bedroom. But hey, this is the information age – anything’s possible. Here are a few of the best sounds from the deep that will help you fall asleep.




It’s hard to think that such a massive animal can be so soothing. But the ocean is a mysterious place. And we’re not really sure how whales sound above water – could be pretty awful. But in the depths of the sea, this majestic creature will soothe you into the best slumber of your life. The best giant underwater mammal sounds to look for – baleen, humpback and blue whale.


Mother Nature


Sometimes even the most violent aspects of mother nature can lull you to sleep. Volcano eruptions and earthquakes are both great sounds to help you relax. But there’s always the more serene choice of a babbling brook or waterfall. You’re best bet is to give each a try and see which one gets you to sleep the quickest.

Mother nature is the true siren of our dreams – or at least the sounds she makes.


So these soothing sounds and a quality mattress from your friends at The Mattress Hub, your Wichita mattress store, is the perfect combination for a great night’s sleep.

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