People Who Get Good Sleep Appear Smarter

It’s true. And science proves it. If anything, getting the proper amount of quality sleep just makes you feel amazing. On the flip side, a consistent lack of sleep doesn’t quite let you face the world like you should. But now, and maybe more important that all that other stuff, we know that the right amount of quality shuteye can make you appear smarter – or at least a lack of it will make you appear dumber. Is dumber a word? Who knows. But science is a word – and it don’t lie.

The Study

Participants in a study at the University of St. Andrews in England viewed photos of 100 adults and 90 children. Scientists utilized software that detected even the slightest change in participants’ faces – including drooping eyelids and downturns in mouth curvatures.

The Participants and What They Discovered

Each of the participants in the photos were captured after a good night’s sleep and after a night of sleep deprivation. Other participants were asked to view and assess the photographed individuals and rate their intelligence simply by appearance. They found that those whose faces appeared more open and awake, even in the slightest, appeared more intelligent, and those whose faces were turned down due to sleep deprivation appeared, well, less than nimble.

So, let this be a lesson – one of the most important things you can do for your health and the way you present yourself to the world:

Getting Sleep – Good Sleep

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