Staying Stress Free While You Have House Guests

Staying Stress Free While You Have House Guests

Having house guests can be stressful. You want your house to be set up, they have a place to stay comfortably, and you need to be stocked up on food, and extra towels, you need to figure out shower and bathroom schedules, and so much more. Then you throw the holiday season into the mix and it can cause major stress and anxiety. Having family over, and the holidays shouldn’t be something that you dread. Here are some tips on how to beat the stress of having house guests, especially during the holidays.

Plan as far in advance as possible. If you know you’re going to be the one hosting a family gathering during the holidays, start the planning process ASAP. This can help alleviate some of the stress of last minute issues. This also gives you enough time to get any large items you might need. Do you have a guest room set up with a bed, or will they be sleeping on a couch? What about having enough pillows and blankets? Whatever you need, get it set up so you don’t have to rush around and risk something not being set up.

Make sure your guests are comfortable and at ease. Guests who feel like they’re intruding or don’t feel welcome can increase your stress level. Ask what kinds of food they like to eat and snack on. Make a grocery run a few days before they arrive so you’re stocked with some of their favorite things. Find out if they’ll need to work while they’re with you, and set up a quiet place for them that won’t interfere with your day or their work. Let them know if there are any areas in your house that are “off limits” like a baby’s room, or office. Setting some ground rules will help the stay be enjoyable for everyone. 

Don’t rush to clean everything the day before. Take a week or two before your guests show up to take on little projects around the house. If you want to clean your entire house from top to bottom start with the rooms that are used the least so once you’ve cleaned them you won’t have to go back and clean again. Prepping other things ahead like dinner ideas, or activities can help you feel more at ease. Slow cooker meals are a great and easy way to feed everyone and keep your cleaning down to a minimum. 

Get everyone involved in getting ready. You don’t have to get your house ready all on your own. Get your spouse and kids involved too. Your kids can help with their rooms or do simple items if they’re younger. If you have older kids have them help with larger tasks as well. Trying to do everything on your own can really amp up your anxiety. If you’re having family over for the holidays make sure everyone knows what they’re in charge of. Who is cooking dinner? Is someone going to set the table? What about taking guests’ coats and purses, where will all of those items go? Are family members bringing food too? Make sure you have room to set it out.

Make sure you get plenty of rest before guests arrive. You’re working hard to get your house ready and planning for guests. You don’t want to work all day, clean all night, then toss and turn until you fall asleep for a few short hours before having to get up the next day. Also, when you have guests you might stay up a little later talking to them. You want your bed to be your sanctuary where you can go to drift off into a well-rested night of sleep. If you need a mattress for yourself or your guest room make sure to shop our selection of name-brand mattresses that will give you a good night’s sleep.

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