The Benefits of a Two-Sided Mattress

Cheap Sheep has been around the block. He knows there are two sides to every coin, and at least two sides to every argument. Why would it be any different with luxury mattresses? Cheap Sheep loves what his new two-sided mattress is doing for his trips to dreamland. The type of mattress you choose depends on a wide range of factors. These might include your age, lifestyle, physical health, comfort preferences, and what you expect from your mattress.

How do you know if you should choose a one-sided or two-sided mattress?

Back in the days of Cheap Sheep’s Grand Papa, every innerspring mattress was double sided. However, this is no longer the case. If you value both long-lasting comfort and durability, then a double-sided mattress might be the choice for you. All mattresses eventually break down and develop deep body impressions. Sleepers are encouraged to replace their mattress every 8 years to avoid aches, pains, back problems, and tossing and turning.

A two-sided mattress allows you to flip it over so you can sleep on either side. Now that’s what we call versatility! In this way, double-sided mattresses last much longer than those with one cushioned side. Is your double-sided mattress causing you problems? Instead of buying a new luxury mattress, simply flip it over. This gives you the sensation of a new mattress, while allowing the material of the other side to settle and even out. When the new side starts to get lumpy, flip it back the other way! The result is a longer lasting mattress that offers more comfort and support. Nothing wrong with that, right Cheap Sheep?

Because of their extra cushioning materials, double-sided mattresses are heavier and can be difficult to flip. If you’re not physically able to flip your mattress, then it might not be worth the extra cost of a two-sided mattress. Single-sided mattresses are less expensive and are available in pocketed coils, traditional coils, or gel foam styles. Two-sided mattresses are limited to traditional innerspring styles, so you might like the wider selection of single-side models. For more information on one-sided and two-sided mattresses, come down to The Mattress Hub for a test drive!

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