Eating Habits for Better Sleep

Cheap Sheep is usually one of the best sleepers in the history of bedtime. Unfortunately, he’s been having problems recently catching the “night train” to dreamland. What’s the problem, little buddy? Cheap Sheep has been eating foods that make him toss and turn at night. He isn’t alone. There are countless sleepers out there whose diets are wreaking havoc on their sleep schedules.

By changing your diet and eating healthier, you can get better sleep in no time!

Cheap Sheep has been loading up on the hot sauce and spicy foods during dinner. This unfortunately leads to acid reflux and heartburn. Since acid reflux gets worse every time you lay down, it can make falling asleep extremely difficult. Sleepers should also avoid excessive amounts of the following foods close to bedtime: fatty and fried meals, heavy and rich dishes that are difficult to digest, citrus fruits, alcohol, and carbonated and caffeinated beverages.

In order to minimize heartburn at night, you should keep track of which foods cause you acid reflux. Heartburn is inconsistent, and can be caused by different foods at different times depending on the individual. Keep a food diary to see what foods are triggering your acid reflux. You can then avoid these foods at dinner and before bedtime. Another way you can get better sleep is by having dinner earlier in the evening. Most sleepers suffer from heartburn at night because they have dinner so late. Try eating dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime, so you can avoid heartburn, caffeine, and indigestion. Being overweight can also keep you from getting better sleep. Those extra pounds might be huggable love handles, but they also increase acid reflux.

Eating healthier at dinner time, avoiding heavy meals less than 3 hours before bedtime, and treating acid reflux can all help you get better sleep. Cheap Sheep already changed his diet and he’s been sleeping like a little lamb. Come visit him at The Mattress Hub and see for yourself!

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