Tips for Women to Get Better Sleep

The saying goes, “Everything men can do, women can do better.” Well, Cheap Sheep says this just isn’t so! Our little lamb isn’t putting down all of womanhood (you’re not, are you Cheap Sheep?). NO! It’s actually a fact that women suffer from insomnia and sleep disruptions much more than men. Tips for Women to Get Better Sleep Sleep studies have shown that 50% of women feel more exhausted in the morning due to nights of fitful sleep.

With a few sleeping tips, all the ladies of the world can now get better sleep!

Ladies, first of all, you need to get your pre-bedtime wind-down routine under control! Far too many of you (almost 90%) watch TV or use electronic devices before bed. Turn off all your screens an hour before bedtime, as the light they emit disrupts your natural circadian rhythms. It’s much better to read or take a warm bath before you go to sleep. Also keep your bedroom temperature at 60 to 67 degrees, so you have the soothing sensation of moving from a warm bath to a cool sleeping chamber. Women going through menopause also benefit from a cool bedroom since the lower temperature helps with hot flashes.

Another way for women to get better sleep is to make sure their room remains dark. Shut out all light sources and wear a sleep mask if needed. Start relaxing earlier in the evening by practicing yoga, or perform breathing exercises to eliminate built-up stress. Also avoid caffeine, chocolate, nicotine and other stimulants close to bedtime. An ambient machine can even create a soothing soundscape to drown out annoying external noises.

The most important tip for women to get better sleep is simple. Once you get in bed, find a comfortable sleeping position. This might seem like common sense, but ladies, you need to get in the “comfort zone” and go to sleep already. Most women prefer to sleep on their backs, while pregnant women are more comfy on their sides. Find the position that works best for you and say hello to sweet dreams. Keep hope alive ladies of the world — Cheap Sheep believes in you!

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