Experience the Beautyrest World Class Callaway Pillowtop by Simmons

The sleep scientists are at it again! Just when you thought they had out-done themselves, they’ve pooled their moxie and “know how” together to create their biggest sleep innovation yet — the Beautyrest World Class Callaway Pillowtop mattress from Simmons!

This innovative sleep creation has a softer feel that changes the game in two specific ways: 1) It provides better support and comfort due to memory foam in the pillow top and individually pocketed coils; 2) It sleeps cooler thanks to the ventilated mesh fabrics and TruTemp™ Gel. What does all of this mean in “sleep speak”?

Well, it means that the Beautyrest World Class Callaway Pillowtop is one of the coolest and most comfortable luxury mattresses in the industry today!

It’s for serious sleepers who truly value quality sleep.

Cheap Sheep laid his wooly head down for a nap, and it took us over 8 hours to wake him up. During his epic snooze-fest, our little lamb felt the support he needed without sacrificing comfort. He was cradled in special memory foam that really helped him sink into some sweet dreams. Each mattress coil is individually wrapped to maximize the comfort zone, while also providing conforming back support. This allowed Cheap Sheep to sleep through the night by eliminating tossing and turning, aches, pains and other enemies of a good night’s sleep.

Like many people out there, Cheap Sheep sleeps too hot because of all that “woolly bully” wool of his. Thanks to the sleep scientists at the dream factory, the Beautyrest World Class Callaway Pillowtop has patented AirCool® Memory Foam and TruTemp™ Gel to regulate sleeping temperature. They provide pressure point relief, while releasing excess heat at the sleep surface. It allows the mattress to breathe and increases natural air flow while you sleep!

The sleep scientists couldn’t be more proud of their latest achievement, and Cheap Sheep can’t stop talking about it. Visit the Mattress Hub and see for yourself just why the Beautyrest World Class Callaway Pillowtop mattress by Simmons is one of the most exciting sleep inventions of the 21st century!

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