Finding the Best Mattress for a Sleepless Spring

Spring is the time of year when everything old becomes new again. There are birds singing, flowers blooming, and bees buzzing. Cheap Sheep, can you get your head out of the clouds for just a minute? It’s time to get REAL. Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it also wreaks complete havoc on our sleep schedules! There are so many Springtime sleep deprivers out there keeping us from our precious Zzz’s. Let’s look at how they’re rearranging Cheap Sheep’s sleep schedule, and how getting a brand new mattress can make a difference!

Reclaim Your Sleep Schedule With a New Mattress from The Mattress Hub

Can’t sleep Cheap Sheep? Well, you’re not alone this beautiful, sleepless Spring. Those pretty flowers may look like dancing girls in pastel sundresses, but they are far more sinister. “May I have this dance?” Say hello to insufferable allergies and hay fever, Cheap Sheep! Those flowers just kicked up a ton of pollen into the air making your nose run, eyes red and head throb. It’s a real bummer when you’re trying to fall asleep. Warmer weather also means getting back into healthier shape. Cheap Sheep is trying to rediscover his muscles after a long Winter’s nap (he’s trying to impress some cutie). All that renewed physical exercise (most of it too close to bedtime) is keeping Cheap Sheep awake at night.

If all that other stuff wasn’t bad enough, we’ve saved the worst culprit for last — Daylight Savings Time! More like “stealing hours away from my sleep tank” time. DST never fails to throw Cheap Sheep for a loop each year, and it takes him weeks of grumpiness to get back on track. Increased daylight and an earlier bedtime disrupts our circadian rhythms and eternal clocks. The extra sunlight causes a lack of melatonin in Cheap Sheep’s system, which is needed to make him feel sleepy. The Mattress Hub may not be able to completely defeat the Springtime sleep deprivers, but we can help you find a comfy new mattress to lessen the damage. Join Cheap Sheep in the quest to find a high-quality mattress made by the best sleep scientists, and let’s reclaim our Zzz’s from Spring together!

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